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    General Uniform Information

    Ethos has a uniform policy so that clothes do not distract our scholars from the pursuit of academic and character excellence, nor others from seeing our scholars’ potential for greatness.

    Uniform Policy

    • Please note embroidered uniforms should only be purchased from the authorized uniform vendors, French Toast or on our uniform page.
    • Please be sure to sign up for sale notification from our French Toast and Lands End uniform providers.
    • For the time being. scholars will be expected to wear masks. Washable reusable masks will be available from our online uniform providers. More information is forthcoming.

    Primary Vendor

    French Toast / School Box

    Uniform Common Questions

    What are the expectations for undergarments/accessories?

    • Undershirts must be white. Sleeves must not be visible under uniform top.
    • Stockings/Tights must be white, navy, black or gray
    • Socks can be any color/style
    • Hair Styles/Accessories are at the discretion of the family! Ethos Classical scholars are able to wear their hair in any style and fashion. Hair accessories can be any color and style.

    Where do we purchase uniform items and Ethos swag?

    • Embroidered Uniform Items: Must be purchased through French Toast School Box School Code QS61LZE
    • Ethos Swag Shop : Authorized items sold by Ethos Classical Uniform bottoms/accessories can be purchased from any vendor!

    Are uniforms included in the scholar fee?

    Uniforms are not included in this fee.
    The scholar fee covers the following things:

    • Ethos Classical Backpack
    • All school supplies (we do not send out a supply list!)
    • Scholar Baseball T-Shirt for Fridays
    • Field Trips & Extracurricular Activities
    • Scholar Chromebook

    Required Uniform

    Optional Uniform