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  • Our Classrooms

    Ethos Classical teaches students how to learn and how to think. Scholars are exposed to a broad spectrum of disciplines, with an emphasis on the humanities and the arts. Our curriculum not only builds curiosity but also prepares each scholar for a range of careers.

    Ethos Classical Charter School:

    • Reduces teacher student ratio by having two teachers per classroom.
    • Brings joy to students by offering art education each day.
    • Builds passion for learning by committing to extended reading minutes.
    • Expands learning time by implementing an extended school day.
    • Partners with families and community leaders to support ALL students.

    Need content for:

    • Include details about curriculum for each grade level (maybe a paragraph or two per grade). Talk about what classes the scholars take and how Ethos’s values and emphasis on the arts are incorporated into each one.
    • Include information about scholar recognitions (SOW, AOW, and COW). I’m assuming parents would enjoy knowing that Ethos will give their kid opportunities to be recognized and celebrated.
    • Let parents know that breakfast and lunch are provided for all scholars. Not sure if this is the section to put that info in, but it should be included somewhere.