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    The education philosophy of Ethos Classical is based on two core ideas:

    • an achievement oriented culture that leads to personal excellence and
    • a classical curriculum that guarantees future academic success.

    Both of these are grounded in the absolute belief that all students, regardless of their backgrounds, have the right to an excellent, college-preparatory education starting in kindergarten.

    Personal excellence: creating an achievement-oriented culture

    Educating scholars toward personal excellence is crucial to Ethos Classical’s mission. Schools that produce exceptional results from their scholars attribute a large part of that success to a school culture that emphasizes achievement. We believe the recipe for an outstanding culture includes:

    • High Expectations for every child from every adult
    • Partnership and frequent communication between teachers and families
    • Structured Classrooms that include clear, consistent rules
    • Joyful and Creative teaching with cheers, chants, music, art and play embedded in content

    Academic success: a classical curriculum

    Ethos Classical develops and promotes both high expectations as well as a developmentally appropriate curriculum that scholars should master. Scholars of all abilities learn more in difficult courses than in low-level courses and are more likely to master difficult material if adequate support is provided at the instructional level. We, therefore, always challenge scholars with a curriculum that supports them to achieve their personal best. We provide a classical curriculum with the following components:

    • Focus on literacy
    • Meaningful arts enrichment
    • Tailored learning supports for students and families
    • Accountability for measurable results
    • More time to learn
    • Strategic hiring and staff development

    Mission & Values

    Through a rigorous classical curriculum and within a structured supportive community, Ethos Classical School ensures every scholar is on the path to college and a life of opportunity.  

    Ethos Classical is characterized by a desire to put BOTH academics and character first. We strive to build a strong community within the school and work to actively engage our scholars in their learning. We believe that the more scholars are invested in school, the less opportunity there will be for disruption. As a result, we operate with four character values for our entire school community: Tenacity, Respect, Urgency, Eagerness. 

    This is who we are and it is expected that all scholars and staff will live by these TRUE values:


    1. We never give up.
    2. We work longest when the work is hardest.
    3. We know hard work matters as much as talent.


    1. We assume the best in others.
    2. We can be happy for others and ourselves at the same time.
    3. We accept others for who they are and expect the same.


    1. We treasure our time at school.
    2. We use every minute for learning, creating, or having fun.
    3. We follow rules to make the most of every minute.


    1. We think it is cool to be smart.
    2. We enjoy the chance to try and to learn new things.
    3. We do our best work every day.

    History & Growth

    2019-2020 School Year

    • Scholar Enrollment: 124 Scholars
      • Enrolling Kindergarten and Third Graders
    • Staff: 16 Founding Staff Members
    • New Electives: Visual Arts
    • Facility: In the summer of 2019, we completed the first phase of our school house with a total gut of a former church to a beautiful 11,000 square foot facility, complete with a kitchen, art studio, six classrooms, 1 special, internal courtyard and office spaces for our amazing founding staff.

    2020-2021 School Year

    • Scholar Enrollment: 242 Scholars
      • Enrolling Kindergarten, First and Fourth Graders
      • 10 Total Classrooms
    • Staff: 25 Staff Members (15 returning from Year 1!)
    • New Electives: Performing Arts, Coding
    • Facility: Our first grade scholars are learning in our villa classrooms! Each space has been outfitted with the highest quality air filtration system and bright open learning spaces. Our performing arts classroom and small group intervention space is also housed in our temporary learning spaces.

    2021-2022 School Year

    • Scholar Enrollment: 340 Scholars
      • Enrolling Kindergarten, First, Second and Fifth Graders
    • Staff: 36 Staff Members (24 returning)
    • New Electives: Spanish, Movement & Music
    • Facility: Our second classrooms have been added to our villas! In addition, our movement/music class and operations workspace has been added to our temporary learning spaces.

    2022-2023 School Year

    • Scholar Enrollment: 416 Scholars
      • Enrolling Kindergarten, First, Second & Third Graders
      • 16 Total Classrooms
    • Staff: 41 Staff Members (26 returning)
    • New After-Care Program: Global Tech Academy
    • New After-School Enrichment: Spanish, Martial Arts, Dance, Tumbling, Robotics & Chess
    • Facility: Our third grade classrooms have been added to our villas and moved to another location on site!

    Looking forward to these upcoming milestones:

    2022-2023 School Year

    • Scholar Enrollment: 400 Scholars
      • Enrolling Kindergarten – Third Grade

    2023-2024 School Year

    • Scholar Enrollment: 500 Scholars
      • Enrolling Kindergarten – Fourth Grade

    2024-2025 School Year

    • Scholar Enrollment: 600 Scholars
      • Enrolling Kindergarten – Fifth Grade