Arts Instruction

Visual Arts

Visual Arts engages scholars in a tactile creative process to promote social-emotional, kinesthetic and interdisciplinary learning. Through an open-ended approach, scholars are able to delve into the creative process freely without the constraints of product-focused curriculum. It is the overarching vision that all students are capable of creating with craftsmanship, imagination, and intention that drives the visual arts program at Ethos.

Music and Movement

Music and Movement is the place where scholars make the connection between mind and body, between cerebral and physical. Here, scholars get to communicate visually and aurally, bridging the gap between audible language and visible language. Music and Movement is where scholars find their voices with their entire bodies.

Performing Arts

Performing Arts provides scholars a stage to find their voices. Scholars express themselves creatively through the arts while gaining self-confidence for presentations and public speaking. Through Performing Arts, scholars have the opportunity to grow as individuals and as an ensemble.

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